Friday, November 21, 2014

Garden Tool Clean Up

            Yep, they’re still waiting. You were hoping someone else would have taken care of them; but no, they’re still hanging there caked with the dirt of your last digging, weeding, edging, raking, and hoeing.

            I’m speaking of course, about your loyal garden tools. Those faithful blister makers and back ackers that have served you so well throughout this year’s growing season; and they would like to be put to bed for the winter.
            A bath though is in order, not for comfort of course, but for longevity of the tool.

            A dirty tool will rust quicker than one that has been cleaned of all debris. Soil and stuff retains moisture, moisture accelerates rust.
            Once cleaned a thin coating of oil will continue the rust prevention; by the time spring arrives the oil will have dissipated.

            You can also extend the life of your wooden handles with a coat of Polyurethane. Remove the dirt with a 100 grit sand paper; scrape the big chunks off first with a…a…. big chunk scraper.

            If you haven’t winterized your mower or other power equipment, a few Blogs back can give you some information on what to do for quick starts come this spring.

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