Thursday, December 7, 2017

Furnace Pipe Slow Death

            The new energy efficient furnace you put in this year wasn’t a problem for the shrub in front of the PVC exhaust outlet this summer. But now this bush thinks it’s changing seasons every 20 minutes; it’s embracing spring every time there’s a call for heat inside your home.

            I didn’t expect the heating guy to have known this when he picked out the spot for the “air in” and the “air out” pipes. And you may have even thought it would be nice to hide the pipes behind something green or flowering. But now you’re going to read that this is a problem.

            Two things are going on here. You have carbon monoxide blowing on the buds and leaves in the spring and late fall; and, there is this thing about the unseasonably warm temperatures breathing out all over this fixed position plant during this time of year.

            You have a couple options; you could move the plant, the ground is still soft and digable, and a perennial that doesn’t get tall enough to be affected by this breath of death could be put in its place. Or you could rise the exhaust pipe up so it blows over the top of the shrub; the intake pipe is fine where it is.

            Something will have to be done, if not the plant will eventually die; and I’m not talking
“of natural causes” either.

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