Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Coffe For Your Rhodos?

            Undoubtedly there will be a lot of coffee served up in the next few days, that means there will be a lot of grounds thrown away; and if your trash pick isn’t until Friday… well let’s just say we hope it says real cold outside.

            There is another use for those coffee dregs; your acid loving plants would love to see you put them around their feet.

            Three things happen when coffee grounds are laid in under your Rhodos, Azaleas, Holly, Boxwoods, and Yews; it mulches them, becoming an insulator from the quick freezing and thawing of the soil they are in. It lowers the acidity of the soil, which is always a plus when planted in areas typically higher in Ph, and it’s a food source.

            Keep the depth of pure coffee grounds under two inch, and a couple inches away from the plant’s trunk. The effective benefit range out from the center of the shrub is the width of the bush itself; roots don’t go out much past the leaf canopy of itself.

            So as to not appear odd at the family Christmas get together don’t announce out loud that you would like the coffee grounds, just tell them you’d like to help clean up; then sneak them into the casserole dish you brought. If questioned at the door as to the aroma that is trailing behind you, just bolt for the car.

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