Thursday, December 14, 2017

Car Exhaust Damage to your Shrub

            Chivalry: Going above and beyond in caring for the needs of a fair maiden.

            Question: Is it still chivalry if the maiden is drop dead gorgeous? Or is this just reserved for the “fair” maidens?  If so, is it then and act of “Super Chivalry” if her appearance is less than fair? This has been pondered since the days of Arthur.

            Anyway, warming up the car for your damsel would be considered a modern day act of chivalry. Most men will back out the car a bit so as to not fill the garage with noxious fumes. Unfortunately this puts the tail pipe on most cars directly across from the Dwarf Alberta Spruce you’ve got planted in that little 2x2 spit of dirt next to the garage door.

            To give you an idea of what it’s like to be bathed with the warmth of the internal combustion engine. Stick you face in front of the tail pipe for a while; you will soon get the hint that maybe you should back the chariot out a little further when gaining the affection of the beauty you are looking to be chivalrous toward.

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