Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birds and Their Eateries

            They’ll be looking for new “seed bars”.
            Very soon the snow is going to cover up their usual eateries, and the hunt will be on.
            First one to hang up their feeder wins!

            Wins what? Birds of course.

            Everything on this planet takes the way of least resistance; wind, water, animals, birds, even us most of the time, though we should know better.

            If you are the first one with a feeder hanging in your back yard, yours will be the one the birds find first. Once they’ve tasted your wares, and you’re faithful in filling it, they will stay. No need to go lookin around when you’re making sure their little plates are full. They don’t have the mental capacity in their little bird brains to huddle up and make observations like, “hey, we’re plowin through this stuff pretty fast, we’d better pace ourselves a bit or we’re going to run out”.  No, they just react. “No Seed!!” and they’re gone.

            If you want a plethora of birds you will need multiple feeders, placed at distances that will encourage sharing. Ya right, there’s no sharing in the “bird world”; it’s “these are mine, so back off or I’ll peck you into next week Bubb!” Just don’t bunch up your feeders like they were coming to the food court at the mall. Put enough space between them so they’ll think twice about leaving what they have, to try and defend what is just a little too far away.

            Keep in mind too that birds never feel safe; just watch them, they never have a relaxing culinary experience. It’s always “take a seed, look around, eat it, look around, look around before grabbing another seed, then look around some more. There are just too many things out there looking to bump them off, either out of competition or they’re being considered as a snack. So if possible make sure your feeders are near some bushes or evergreens for them to dart into at a moment’s notice.

            Tomorrow we’ll talk about the kinds of patrons you would like gracing your eating establishments.

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