Monday, November 2, 2015

Winter's Sweating? Oil'em up!

As the weather gets colder, and the plants in your landscaping go deeper into dormancy; evergreens like Rhododendron, Boxwood and Holly can suffer in the dry winter winds to come.
Watering them well, like I mentioned a few Blogs back helps tremendously, giving them greater water reserves to weather the desiccation that is sure to happen during these winter months. But there is a product sold around this time of year that further insures those water reserves to be there when necessary.

It is called Wilt-pruf and you spray it on the leaves during temperatures of 40 degrees or higher; This dormant oil spray, as it is called, helps seal the leaves, thus inhibiting the water to perspire through them. The more careful you are in applying it to both the tops and underside of the leaves the greater chance of success you will have in seeing your shrub through the harshest of winters.

I’m sure we’ll have a day or two yet when the temps claw their why into the forties.
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