Friday, November 28, 2014

Where not to put the Christmas Tree

             Where not to put your Christmas Tree.

             Evergreens up here in the North Country are not one to don the sunscreen and drink Mai-tais from coconut shells. They are a hardy breed that toughs it out in the winter chill six months of the year. So, they are not equipped to live over your hot air register in the living room; in fact, like a Newfoundland or Great Pyreneans who have found it quite comfy outdoors in the sub zero winter’s air, they perspire themselves right into a sick bed state once inside your home.

            Precautions can be made to make their stay less uncomfortable.

            Though it might look cool to have the tinsel fluttering in the register’s wind, don’t set it up where this can happen. Stick a blow dryer in your face for a minute or two and see how young and youthful your face feels when you are done.
            Windows facing south are cheery with the sun streaming in. But again, we are talking heat. The key in tree placement is “as little excess heat as possible.

            Candles? We are a Post-Edison society, we have the light bulb. Back in the olden days they didn’t, but we do. Back in the olden days they set up their tree on Christmas Eve and took it down the day after Christmas; it was harder to set on fire a fresh tree than one that has been up for a month like ours.

            The place to set it up is in the shadowy corner, the corner where the incorrigibles sit, the corner of the house that is free from wind aand breezes, if you can.

            But, the most important thing you can do for your botanical guest is give it all the water it can drink; and keep it coming until you bid it “au revoir”.

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