Thursday, December 3, 2015

Transplanting: Most Anything Now

            There be flakes a flyin out there. The growing season above the ground is officially over. But under the soil things are still growing.

            That’s the beauty of our neck of the woods, the visual part of the plant goes to sleep, but the foundation keeps on growing until the ground freezes it into hibernation sometime in January. That makes right now the absolute best time to move something, from trees to shrubs, or perennials.

            Not only is there no strain on the limited roots to keep leaves alive; but you’re not sweating like a pig digging it up and moving it. The weight is less too, no leaves and no excess sap.

            Granted, you still will not be able to save every root as you dig, or as you try to lift what you’ve dug. But it doesn’t matter. They will start growing back to a point where the plant will feel somewhat at home in the spring.

            Perennials and shrubs would like it if you plant them as deep as they were in the old spot; trees need to face the same direction they were facing when you dug them up, and a little rodent protection wrap would comfort their wooden hearts.

             All would like a drink, and a covering of mulch would tuck them in nicely as they start their long winter’s nap.

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