Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

            Thanksgiving. Within the word you have Thanks, and Giving. A balanced life has experienced both; to be thankful when given to, and to give because of being thankful.

                   Whether it’s the widow with her mite, or Zacchaeus with his revelation, both sought to honor God with what they had, out of a grateful heart.

            To find one’s self on the road of thankfulness is to bring one into a wellspring gratefulness. Gratefulness in turn can’t help but give back to the one you are grateful to. The possibilities of giving are endless if our thankfulness has traveled the narrow path into God’s heart; but becomes self-serving and short lived if we are the objects of our gratitude.

            In His hands He takes our fish sandwiches and feeds thousands, our stick and gives millions a drink. He defeats terrorizing armies because we sing; He drops a giant because we know He will do it through us.

            We can do anything with a thankful heart!

            Who is the object of our thankfulness? Do you want a brisk walk around the human block? Or do you want an adventure into the heart of God?

 Have a great day of Thanksgiving!

The Niemeyer’s

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