Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rototillers and the 2 Cyclers

            There are other members in the lawn and garden family that have not been sent to bed yet. Be it neglect, or they are still being used.

            The rototiller might be one that still has a run through the garden yet to do; better to get most of the leaves under the dirt than having them blow back into the yard throughout the winter. But, when its usefulness for this year has come to an end, the march off to nappyland is similar to that of the mower.

      * Drain out all but a little bit of gas.

                  * Start up the tiller, and let it run out of gas.

                  * Drain out the old warmed up oil.

                  * While waiting for oil to drain clean off the tiller’s engine and tines

                  * Fill crank case with recommended oil.

                  * Pull the pull cord a few times to distribute the oil.

                  * Coat the tines with a light coating of oil to keep rust at bay.

                  * If the Spark plug has not been changed in two years, now might be a
                           good time to do this.

                             - #1 reason rototiller don’t start in the spring is old gas left
                           in them, varnishing up the carburetor

                             - #2 Old spark plugs.

            The Weed Whipper, Leaf Blower, Chainsaw, Hedge trimmer , and so on, are typically two-cycle engines; just drain out the gas, start ‘em up and let ‘em run dry, clean ‘em up and put ‘em away.

            This fall maintenance will ensure a good healthy “bark to life” start in the spring.

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