Thursday, November 6, 2014

Protecting Your Mums

            We’re getting near the end of the fall cleanup chores, but you just can’t bring yourself to cut down the mums yet. It’s just not right, you’re thinking; “they’re still flowing”. I think I can help you out of your quandary.

             They’re called Hardy Mums, but that doesn’t really mean “hardy” as in “can stand up to any harsh winter weather condition”, it just means they won’t croak at the drop of a hat like they used to.

            Their greatest nemesis is the quick freezes and thaws our winters can generate. The key here, is to slow this temperature swing down: and this is done through putting something over them as insulation.

            Insulation material can be anything: bark, leaves, potting soil, peat moss, even the mums themselves.

            When using the mums themselves, just break them off at their base and pile them neatly over the crown of the plant, with the flowers displayed in your direction. Take a couple of stakes and anchor them either side of your “crown covering” pile and secure string or wire from one to the other; this will keep them from blowing away.

            This way you can continue enjoying the fall flowers and check this off your fall maintenance list.

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