Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fire Breathing Deer

           Oh how beautiful, how graceful as it steps cautiously in your yard. You marvel at its attentiveness to its world around it, you’re captivated by how slowly it moves, as if it were discovering a new world, or at the very least, a swatch of land that holds great promise. You are awe-struck as you just standing there soaking it all in…..

            Then why, ten minutes later, are you out there banging pots together trying to chase it away? What happen during those ten minutes?

            Let me start by saying, deer are not out for the “photo opp”, they couldn’t care less about your little Hallmark Moment at the window, and they are not out for a stroll so you can get all mesmerized over their presence. Truth is, they spied your Rhododendron bush, but have lived long enough not to just go running up to it like a kid to the next house on Halloween.

           Starting today there will be deer moving all over the place; and into areas they have never been before just to get away from the hunters. Some will go deep into the swamps; others will go deep into suburbia. And just like us when we travel, they will stop to eat as well; and I’m here to tell you the delicacies in your landscaping offset the terror they are finding themselves in at the moment.

             So, how do you keep these hungry hoofed eating machines from lingering over your vegitational buffet?

            You can do the pot and pan thing, but does a waitress or busboy dropping a tray of dishes keep you from going back to that restaurant? No. It’s annoying at best; but the food keeps you coming back.

            You want the eating experience to be what keeps them out of your yard. You want their little tiny deer brains to flash an unpleasant warning sign whenever they come near your yard.      And this can be done with a bottle of Deer Away, or any Cayenne pepper based deer deterrent. A little of this in their mouth, from off your bushes, and they will remember never to go in your yard again.
            It is easy to apply, just spray the leaves. If you want it to last longer spray the undersides of the leaves so the rain won’t wash it off so quickly.

            Even though the ones who take a nibble and run for the stream to put out the fire on their lips, won’t be back, there will be their friends who haven’t been in your yard before; so this will probably be a yearly ritual.

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