Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cool Weather Chores

Remember how hot it was this summer; how the sweat seemed to poured off you like you were Niagara in the spring, I suggested back then chores like sidewalk edging, laying sod, building burms and planting them and such; jobs that set you to bed early with exhaustion, but got you jumpin out of bed throughout the night with Charlie horses so bad because of the dehydration of the day.
Well, the time to lay sod has come and gone, and you’ll be hard pressed to find any plants to plant this time of year. But this would be a great time to edge the sidewalks and driveway.   
During the heat of this summer you were working in as little raiment as the morality laws would allow. But now you can layer your comfort; getting a little to warm, peel off the coat; still too warm off goes the sweatshirt and so on….
During those sultry days wearing gloves was a decision in comfort as well; do I want a hand full of blisters or a couple more inches of exposed skin for cooling; most times the mind convinced you that your hands would heal. But now gloves are welcomed on two fronts; medicinal and for warmth.
Sleep time will be less aerobic due to the fact that more of you has remained on the inside than has leaked through to the outside.
Also, to edge now means it will look good throughout the winter, spring, and summer; you could probably put this off until next time this year. Typically we do this deed when we notice it, or notice the neighbor doing it. But that’s when the grass is in hyper-growth mode; now the grass is dormant; it’s not growing anywhere.

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