Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christmas Lights: Where to Start

            Christmas lights in the landscaping.

            Some are works of electric magic, some look as though the job was abruptly halted due to a ladder malfunction; hopefully the shrubbery broke their fall.

            Before attempting this vision of outdoor amazement and wonder you might want to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; the “what not to do’s” are clearly displayed and should be avoided; Christmas in a hospital room has its challenges.

            If you do watch the movie I would like to draw your attention to the “plug scene”. The lesson learned here is that you do not want to plug in too many strings into one socket. Also, you can plug too many end to end, making up a long continuous strand. Below is the correct number of lights per plug outlet.

            *C7 Glass bulb size was 1 ½” and the C9 Glass bulb size was 2”. 100 bulbs was the                                  maximum number you could plug in.

            *The mini lights we have become used to; some call them twinkle lights, 5 strands can be                          plugged end to end without blowing the little fuse in the first strand. But 14 can                           be plugged into a 15 amp wall plug (just not end to end).

            *LED’s; sets with 50 lights can string up to 40.  20 to 35 on a strand can go as high as 80.

            Christmas lights have come a long way. We 50 and older crowd remember the old C7 and C9’s as kids. They got hot, and they burned not only a lot of electricity but and occasional finger now and then. If you wanted any kind of modest display you were hooking up some hefty cables directly into the fuse box.

            Mini lights kept the electric meter from spinning off the house; and most times the outside fantasy display could be powered by the outside house plug.

            But now with the introduction of LED’s scads of them can be plugged end to end, or 21,000 bulbs into a single 15 amp wall plug (with nothing else going of course). Your house could be visible from the Space Station.


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