Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Christmas Lights: step two

            Displaying the Christmas lights.

            The “magical” I mentioned yesterday takes a long time to set up. We are not talking about “Hey, I think I’ll put up some Christmas lights”; we’re talking about a “I’ve been planning this since June, started working on it in September, took two weeks off before Thanksgiving to set it all up” passion.

            But let’s face it that’s not for everybody; you just want a few lights on the bushes, couple strings in the tree, maybe a little outlining of the house. Some of you are probably thinking “hey let’s even throttle that back a tad buster.

            Couple things to think about if you plan on glitzing up the front yard a bit.

            It would be nice if you could turn it all on with a flick of a switch from inside the house. It’s not too fun scampering out into the snow to plug in parts of the display every night. What can be acceptable is to plug and unplug it from the outlet by the door.

            This next one can save some of the hair on your head. “IF THEY DON’T ALL COME ON WHEN YOU PLUG IT IN TO TEST IT, THROW IT AWAY, DON’T TRY AND FIX IT”.

            Many a time this cheapskate has poured over a half lit string of lights, got them working, put them up, only to have them blink out dead the next day. JUST THROW THEM AWAY. They are not the lighted strings of days past that lasted your whole childhood. They cost what 3 to 4 bucks; and that’s something made with copper wire, glass, plastic, brass prongs, two little fuses; not to mention a long boat ride across the ocean, at least three middle men took their cut, and the retail store grabbed a little more for themselves. You’ve got to be asking yourself “How do any of them make any money on these things?”

            Monday I’ll talk about putting them up without hanging yourself; both intentionally or accidentally.

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  1. Well I did get some lights by using the money I made through superior paper and I think my kids love them. Will put them on my house once Christmas is near.