Thursday, October 9, 2014

Winter Fertilizer Time!

            It is time for that “winter fertilizer” application I hinted at a month ago.

            Winter Fertilizer! Are we trying to feed the snow?

            Nope, just what’s under it.

            Winter fertilizer is unique in that it doesn’t have any high nitrogen for leaf growth and development; it concentrates its efforts on the last two numbers on the bag where the roots get all the benefits.
            Like I said yesterday, fall brings to an end the activity above the dirt; but all plant activity does not stop; the roots keep going until the ground freezes.
            Truth is all fertilizing should center on the roots of a plant anyway; the roots are more vital than the stuff we see. If the roots are bad or thin the top will follow suit. But, since it’s all about the “top stuff” in our society, we have been made to believe that “it” is more important than what really is. But hey, that’s the power of marketing. I’m just glad they give some credence it the winter food now.
            Side note: if you have just put grass seed down , this is the fertilizer you need. Yes the guy at the hardware store tried to sell you the expensive Seed Starter stuff; but the Winter Fertilizer will do the same thing, and, with enough money left over to the take the Mrs. out of diner.

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