Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hurricane: What's rarely told

           The devastation of a hurricane on structures, vehicles, infrastructure, above all, human life itself, should cause us to stop on pray for our fellow Americans during this time of great crisis in their life.

            The news media is bringing into our living rooms their financial lost on a very grand scale as it pertains to what we can relate too; the lost of what we have in common with those on the east coast. What we cannot relate to is that which is unique only those who live on an ocean coast; the salt water.

            On top of what we have been told they’ve lost, they will have lost all their plant life; for salt water is deadly to any greenery that is not native to the beach. Any shrub, tree, perennial, annual or lawn around their home and business will succumb to the killing factor of the salt water.  

            Keep this I mind this winter as you toss the salt around tying the melt the sidewalk and driveway ice. Remember those who will be replanting their lawn and landscaping, and keep it on the cement as best you can.

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