Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Best Thing For Your Lawn or Garden: Lime

           I mentioned Winter Fertilizer a few days ago, and the feeding of the roots of your grass as one of the best things you could do when fertilizing your lawn.

           But now, I want to mention probably the best thing you could do for your grass, or garden; the applying of lime.

          And not just any lime, but high calcium lime (90 to 95% calcium).

          Calcium is what a plant needs to assimilate nutrients. I like to use this analogy when describing this process:

          The trains of yesteryear consisted of a locomotive and a woodbox car pulling a bunch of other cars behind them. The engine needed the wood to produce the fire, that boils the water, to produce the steam, that drives the pistons, that turn the wheels. But none of this would happen if there wasn’t a man going back and forth with the wood from the woodbox car. Calcium is that man.

          We live in an area that has very little calcium in the soil. That’s why you sometimes see a big pile of white stuff in a farmer’s field; he’s building up the soil, in what that soil is typically low in.

          But back to your lawn or garden.

          You can put all kinds of good stuff on your grass and veggies, but if your dirt is low in calcium it’s not going to benefit from the feedings. And this is when you start to hear people say things like “My yard is getting old”, or, “I need to plant more grass seed, the other is wearing out”.

          No, it’s probably just starving.

          I don’t know why this isn’t suggested more; maybe the engines of commerce need your lawn teetering on the brink of death to sustain the green industries. But don’t let them take you down this path of , “It needs more grass food” or “I think the lawn needs aeration”, or “We should strip seed it again”, or lastly “Let’s kill off the old tired grass, till up the entire yard, bring in new top soil, and plant new seed”.

         Hey, how about just putting down ten bucks of high calcium lime

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