Wednesday, October 17, 2012


            In most landscapes Spireas have become a staple. Most flower throughout the summer; all have beautiful fall color.

            Heights vary within this group. The Alpine Spirea’s height is one foot, with a width measuring 4 feet. The Little Princess measures 2 ½ feet in stature with a width of three, as do the yellow leafed Gold Mound, and Lemon Mound Spireas.

            Most of this species stand around 4 feet in height and width; they include the Goldflame, Anthony Waterer, Neon, and Crispa.

            There are a couple cultivars that get to 8 to 10 feet. White flowering Bridelveil and VanHoutte were the originals we remember as kids; but over the years nurserymen have developed whites in the same height range those in the 4foot group.

            Most Spireas flower somewhere between light and dark pink; and most flower multiple times throughout the summer. The Shabori Spirea does what no other bush can do, produces three different colors of flowers white, pink, and red.

            But one of the nicest features of this plant is that when it is old and woody it can be cut to the ground and made to start over.

            Over the years stems and branches get old and lose their flower producing power. With most shrubs selective pruning is the only way to keep them rejuvenated; not so with the Spirea; just whack them to the ground, the root system will quickly regrow what has been removed.

            This is a plant that enhances the landscaping with summer flower color and fall leaf color. Most are not a pruning problem; and their many height possibilities make them a very versatile plant.

            The Spirea, it just might be the sun loving plant you need for that sunny bare spot you’ve been pondering about.

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