Sunday, November 5, 2017

Snow Hats in My Landscaping

            Fall pruning can be filled with “should I?” questions; should I cut my Ornamental Grass now or in the spring? What about these Tall Sedums, should I clean up the bed now, or wait until spring? Both dry out stiff enough to remain standing under a snow load; both add some winter interest to the landscaping. 

            The choice is yours, but if you have never left them standing throughout our winter of white wonderland you might what to give it a try.

            I must add a little info here. Rarely does every blade of grass, or stem of sedum, remain perfectly upright. Like those on the Serengeti who find themselves on the outer fringe of the group, or planting in this case, tend to fall prey to those bent on thinning the herd. The wayward Frisbee, the disgruntled teenage lawn mower, the dog in need of an antacid; all, and many other similar scenarios, can scruffy up the edges of your grass clump or stand of sedum. Trim these out so only those standing tall remain.

            Evergreens are not the only things giving our winter landscaping structure; even the dead and lifeless can do the job.

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