Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkins: They're just plain fun!

Pumpkins did very well this year; and I’m not sure why.
True, they are not as wet inside as a watermelon; and it is in the gourd family, and we know they’ll grow in any condition, I swear they would grow in a sidewalk crack if given a chance.
Back in the olden days people grew them for pies; today most cans of pumpkin are filled with squash; again, not sure why. Today though more is made on the pumpkin if it is sold as a Fall or Halloween decoration; well, most fall decorations become Halloween props, thus giving them a two-fold purpose.
But in either case, when you pick out your Fall/Halloween pumpkin make sure it has its stem intact; stemless pumpkins rot three times faster than ones with handles. (Side note) make sure you pick it up by the stem/handle, if it separates from the pumpkin just keep on walking to another one, they shouldn’t pop off like that, it’s a tell tale sign that fungus is amongus.
When it comes time to carve the, (now we will switch over to the term) Jack-o-lantern, remove the top by angling the knife inward toward the center, this way the top won’t fall inside. Remove all guts and scrap the inside down to firm yellow flesh.
With artistic juices flowing cut out eyes, nose, mouth, and maybe ears any why you wish. Let it tell a story, let it show an emotion, or even create something tasteless as pictured below; but this time angle the blade away from the opening holes, you will see the light within better.

Lastly you are ready for the candle; something fat and long lasting is preferred.
If you wish the Jack-o-lantern to still be there in the morning, grease it up a little with some Vaseline.

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