Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Potted Plants In The Winter

Around patios and porches people like to pot up shrubs like Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Pygmy Barberry, Hinoki Cypress, or anything that is very dwarfed. Perennials as well find their way into pots and planters when accents are used within the hardscapes. But then what do we do with them when winter sets in?

The biggest threat to potted plants is not that the pot, and everything in it, freezes solid; for everything mentioned above eventually goes through a winter where the soil freezes well past the root line. No, the real threat is the quick freezing and the quick thawing that can happen on a daily basis; this is what gets them.
The way to avoid premature death then, is to slow down this rollercoaster temperature ride; and the simplest way to accomplish is to “plant the pot”.
Most planters and urns are rarely planted into directly, they come with “made to fit” liner buckets. If your doesn’t, and you can’t see yourself digging a hole deep enough the plant the whole urn with its four foot pedestal attached base; you might want to consider transplanting your prize possession into something that will fit back into your urn.
I think you know where I’m going with this. Take your liner out, plant and all, and plant it somewhere protected; behind the garage, south side of some evergreens, next to the house....etc.
Some people have asked if they can put it in the attached garage or in a cool part of the basement. Shrubs and perennials that are hardy for this area need the winter to reset flower production or just plain take a nap; the garage or basement is not cold enough to bring them into hibernation.
Planting them outside gives them the temperature they need, the little bit of water they need, and the wakeup call they need come spring.

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