Friday, October 6, 2017

Plant Bulbs now for Spring Flowers Later

             If you have not done so yet, it is still a great time to plant spring bulbs. The full article on this subject is in the “You Tube Enhanced Garden Article” section of my web site. But for now let’s hit some of the highlights.

             The soil should not be clay; the more they struggle to get their stems up out of the ground this coming spring the fewer flowers you’ll see this spring. It should be clear sailing to the surface; minimal energy spent getting out of the ground means more energy for flower production above the ground.

            But, if you are on clay, you will need to prepare an area of easy sailing. Dig out the area you wish to be a spring display to a depth of a foot and fill it back up with something rich and easy to navigate up through.

Large bulbs should be planted deeper than small ones. The ideal depth is from four to nine inches deep depending on the size of the bulb. If the bulbs are planted too deep, they weaken as they push through the soil, but if planted too shallow, the frost may heave them out of the soil.

A little bone meal mixed in the bottom of the holes will be for them like the sun was for Superman. Bone meal is the middle number on the fertilizer bag; and the middle number is all about the root of a plant, and what’s a bulb but one big root.

Once planted pointy side up and covered, scan the area for evidence of Rocket J. Squirrel and his buddies. If your neighborhood is rich with theses herbivoreicaly carnivorous tuber eaters a little covering of chicken wire pinned to the ground will keep their filthy little paws off your promises of spring. No need to remove it in the spring for the wire has holes big enough for the stems to come up through.

Lastly, water them in good. But then that’s always the last thing to do on any planting punch list, “water them in good”.


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