Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ornamental Grass

            Now is the time to look at and pick out Ornamental Grass; even plant them if you wish.

            We call them Ornamental Grass when we buy it in a store; giving them a more posh title makes it easier to throw down the ten to twenty bucks at the checkout lane. But ya know? Somewhere in the world it grows wild, and people are spraying Roundup on your ten to twenty buck purchase.

            From spring through early August Ornamental grass looks like… well, grass. But now at this time of year it’s displaying why you wanted it in the first place; the seed fronds. Some look like Fox tails, some have wispy fronds, others are thicker.

            Grasses come in different sizes, shapes, and even colors; and are one of the easiest plants to grow. It’s easy because it’s grass, there need not be any other reason.

            It was created to be the very first consumable in the food chain and it grows everywhere herbivores roam the Earth. But the last thing you want is some herbivore rummaging around in your landscaping. Thankfully we don’t live in India where the bovines are allowed to roam the city streets as sacred. Our greatest threat becomes the wayward woodchuck, or the occasional sick dog.

            I could go on and on explaining planting techniques, soil likes and dislikes, even the many different kinds to choose from. But I did an article on this very subject back near the end of August; and it will explain all this in great detail, and with pictures and You Tube videos ta boot.

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