Wednesday, October 18, 2017

One more day! Maybe a week? A month?

There are still some warm days left until the mercury convinces all garden life to die. So let’s see if we can squeeze a few more days out of what we have out in our gardens and flower beds.
This can be done a few ways.

My Mom used to make news paper hats for her potted plants.

For the bigger areas an old bed sheet would satisfy thermal negatives imposed on those early mornings when the mercury slid into the death zone.

For larger gardens we would purchase 30x50 sheets of plastic and cover all but the Cole crops. Maybe it’s a financial bite now, but it can be reused year after year. The yearly alternative usually goes as follows. You hunt around for any scrap of plastic or cloth you can find; piece mealing them over what you wish to cover. And like always there’s just not enough, something is left uncovered, and you are the one who decides who lives, and who dies. The next morning you hope, as you walk out to the garden, that your “Daniel’s” have not been ravaged by the “frost lions”. But alas, you find them wearing the “frost pajamas” and sleeping a sleep they’ll never awake from.

Yes, it’s a battle you can’t win. But every day they survive is a day with one more garden fresh tomato on your table, one more red or green pepper you didn’t need to buy at the store, one more day of looking at flowers in your flower beds, one more day of being able to look back; for when they’re gone it’s going to be a long winter before we see them again.  

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