Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lazy Leavers? Or Just Resourceful

            So, you waited, wanted to see if the gale winds would carry your leaves away; didn’t want to get out the rake, use up the leaf bags, or drag em out to the curb.

            Maybe it’ll work; but maybe you’ll get everybody else’s…. too late now, it’s blowing like a big dog out there.

            You could go out and look like you’re making an attempt; but it’s going to fairly obvious that you’re just pushing them out from the eddy’s they’ve congregated in to send them on their way into the neighbor’s yard, who happens to be watching from her kitchen window, and in great disgust I might add.

            You might want to just stay in your house and let the wind carry them where it will. To show your face now is to show your hand.

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