Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Time For Bed, not Time To Eat

            All fertilizing, except winter lawn food, should, come to a halt, for all plant life is about to go to sleep; and they don’t need you bringing them a full blown delicatessen at this late hour.

             Think about it: Leno’s monologue is over, your eyes are heavy with slumber, the blankets are pulled tight around your neck… and some well-meaning individual comes waltzing into your bedroom with a bucket of KFC, mash potatoes, coleslaw, and frosty beverage shouting; “Hey! Get up!! I paid for this, so eat up Bub!! 

            Still in a fog, you comply… and spent the next 4 to 6 hours laying there with a highly active stomach sending you nasty messages like “Never ever do this to me ever again Bub!!”

            Well, this is what your plants are going through when you wake them up with any food high in nitrogen. Maybe their stomachs aren’t gurgling and growling, but the new growth you are encouraging will not be “winter ready. Yes, I know you got it on a clearance sale; but the key word is “clearance”, they’re clearing it out because it’s time of application is past; save it for next year.

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