Monday, October 30, 2017

Hey! Who didn't disconnect the hose!!

There’s water dripping through the basement ceiling, and a big puddle is making the carpet look like the shallow lake weed bed.
You squish through your indoor pond to try and figure out what’s going on, and that hissing sound is; it gets louder the closer you get to the outside wall. You stand there perplexed, what could be causing all this water, and this hissing, what in the world is that?
You are barely finishing the thought and part of the ceiling gives way in a rush of water drywall, and insulation.
Panicked and bewildered you retrieve your wits from among the floating debris. The hissing is much louder now, it causes your eye (the other one took a direct hit from a drywall bit) to find the source; and there it is, mystery solved, there’s a split in the outdoors faucet pipe just before in pokes outside to the faucet.

This is what happened:
Someone left the outside garden hose attached to the spigot and it got pretty cold last night, freezing the water in the hose.
But we had one of those frostless antifreeze faucets??? And all would have been fine, if you had disconnected the garden hose and let the water drain out of your frostless faucet. 
A frostless spigot is designed to shut the water off twelve inches inside the house, long passed the joist plate insulation. Keeping the hose hooked up kept the water from draining out. The insulation kept the warmth of the house from warming the freezing water in the pipe as it entered the house; thus splitting the pipe.
So, make sure you disconnect your garden hoses on those frosty nights…it might be a good idea to just make sure they’re disconnected now.

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