Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gourds! Shoot! I thought they were Pumpkins

            Gourds: they grow best where you threw out last year’s harvest display. And they always seem to start out as Pumpkin or melon “hopefuls”. You know, those viney involuntary plants you were sure was the site of last year’s watermelon seed spit-off, or last fall’s pumpkin “gut pile”; either way you were hopeful.
            But as they grew, and took over practically everything in your garden, it became obvious they were just a bunch of gourds. Pulling them now doesn’t make much sense, since they’ve smothered out everything they’ve wound around. So you let them grow and write off this year’s vegetable investment.

            Just so the space they took up doesn’t become a total loss you set up a card table by the street and sell them for 50 cents apiece, or three for a buck.
            But sales aren’t as brisk as you had hoped; and a quick glance down the road reveals the reality of your disappointing return. Seems your neighbors threw out the same Thanksgiving Day center piece last year as well. Your street is beginning to look like a gourd strip mall; and a price war is inevitable.

            But let’s talk about the gourds you’ve removed from your curbside inventory to display throughout your home.
            The only thing that needs to be done after you’ve picked them is to wipe them down with a tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water solution. This will kill bacteria and fungal spores, making them last longer. If you want to shine them up, use an acrylic floor wax after you’ve let them dry for a week. This drying time sets the gourds color and hardens the outer skin.

            Lastly, don’t throw out the harvest display like you did last year; unless you like joining the neighbors in the cut-throat gourds business again.

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