Friday, October 27, 2017

Cutting Ornamental Grass

The time to cut down Ornamental Grass is at hand, if you have no intention of leaving them up for the winter.
I must pause here a second, and say that ornamental grass fronds with a little snow chapeau upon their heads is a very beautiful winter site; and the stalks and stems are tough enough to stand up under its weight.
But if you’d rather get all your landscape maintenance done in the fall the best way to chop them down is with a chainsaw or hedge trimmers.
Choosing to hack at them with an arm powered hedge sheers will give you something to
 think about later, as you’re trying to soak away the pain of a fresh case of tennis elbow.
            How about a hand pruner? Your hands (you’ll be switching back and forth) will be so cramped up at the end of this project you won’t be able to open the door to get to the phone to make that carpal tunnel surgery appointment.
            So, back to the real tools for this job.
If a chainsaw is employed it must have a new, or newly sharpened blade. When cutting go slow, keeping 6 to 7 inches of the stubble to insulate the roots; too fast and you’ll clog up and bind the chain gear.

If you have a good electric hedge trimmers, and I mean good, not something you bought at the local bargain store, or a gas powered trimmer, the method is the same; go slow.

Helpful Hint:

Take twine or a rope and tie them tight half way up from the base before you cut them; this cuts clean up time significantly.

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