Thursday, August 27, 2015

Worms: Feeders & Breathers of the Lawn

A child’s culinary world of exploration would not be complete without them. That smell after a summer shower would be missing something in the air. And fishing off the dock, or from the bank, would be a lesson in futility in the minds of most people if these were not in a little Chinese take-out container beside them. I am of course talking about the worm.

Ah, the worm. One of the, if not the, most important creatures under your sod. Master tunnelers to nowhere in particular they ply their skill of fertilizing your lawn by eating the dirt in front of them, and then leaving it behind them chucked full of goodies for your grass. But that’s not all. Because they remove something from the dirt they munch they don’t leave quite the same amount behind; this makes for little air pockets in their wake, thus aerate the soil as they tunnel.
Plant roots need to breathe as well as take in water. Soil devoid of worms would be soil similar to cement; and soil this compacted could not sustain the plant life we have become accustomed to.
I tell you all this for this next bit of important info; “If you don’t have a visible ‘lawn bug’ problem don’t put down a lawn insecticide!” Doing this also kills the worm population; not to mention the friendly bacteria that is breaking down your dead grass lawn thatch build up.
People think a yearly insecticide application should be thrown into the fertilizer program. Don’t!! Only do it if you have a bug problem! The worm carnage will bite you in the end by turning your beautiful lawn into an extended parking lot off your driveway.
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