Friday, September 8, 2017

Well That's just Peachy

            The typical home landscaping scenario for the corners of the house involve either Crab trees, Ornamental Pears, Weeping or Kwansit Cherry, or some kind of Evergreen; these are the most popular trees in use out there.
            Putting trees on the corners of the house have a way of making the house look wider, and, visually brings the height down a bit too. In other words they do a great job of taking away the big and boxy look of the house.

            But I have another tree idea for you: what about a Peach tree?

            Most fruit trees need another tree of the same or different variety to pollinate itself; if it isn’t there you will not see fruit. Not so with the Peach, it pollinates itself so you don’t need two; as do Apricots and Golden Delicious Apples.
            The Peach however caught my eye because of its leaves; it has a very different leaf from the other trees used. Other great features of this tree are: it blossoms pink in the spring, the cool looking leaves turn orangish/yellow in the fall, and you get peaches.

           Being that most Peach trees are dwarfed, the height will not get beyond 10 to 12 feet tall; and pruning to shape the tree will encourage a generous amount of Peaches every year.

They will need to be sprayed with an insecticide from time to time; and keep a fruit fungicide handy in case you notice a fungus development.

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