Friday, September 11, 2015

The Not-so-Handsome Pear

            I am 57 years old and the taste of a pear still reminds me of the start of the school year. I can almost see my little Fireman lunch box with a sandwich, slice of cake (with a marshmellowed topped toothpick to keep the frosting from peeling off onto the wax paper), carrot or celery sticks, and a pear.
            They were of a Bartlet type, and always yellow. Sometimes they were hard, most times soft; and you could eat them down to a core that was the smallest of any fruit’s core.

            Since these school days I have found a better and sweeter pear. It has an appearance though that causes most people to pass them by. They are brown in color and its top terminates right into the stem, so it doesn’t have that nice pear shape. They are also hard to the touch. Everything about this pear says “Yeah, leave me the bad pear why don’t ya”; it is called a Bosc, even the name sounds sketchy.          

            But trust me this will be the best pear you’ve ever had, and it’s the best pear for a sack lunch too. It can take a beating without soggying up the bottom of the bag; which we all know causes it and the rest of the contents to come tumbling out at the bus stop.
            So look for this sad looking little specimen among the new fall produce arrivals; it will put a smile on your taste buds.

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