Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Mice Are Coming!

            Mickey and his ilk are heading south for the winter; maybe east, possibly west, or even north; it all depends on which way your house is from their present domicile.

            They too have been watching the leaves change, the angle of the sun, the fact that the mornings are a little nippier. Their little mice brains are telling them to go look for a doorway into your house soon.

            Some things to do to stop them at the front desk is to close up any holes you see with steel wool.
            Stuff the steel wool into the holes, and then chalk over the hole. The mouse might chew through the chalk, but not through the steel fleece.

            Now, go over the outside of your house again and look for even smaller holes; you’d be surprised what a mouse can fit through.

            Once that is done you can leave housewarming gifts on their doorsteps. D-Con under a box with holes on both ends says “welcome to the neighborhood” like nothing else.

            If some of the patrons do make it to their rooms unmolested “chocolates on their pillow”, so to speak, can be a way of encouraging them to take that dirt nap before getting too comfortable in their new digs. Here again D-con will be your sleep aid of choice.

            If you feel they are insistent on staying more mechanical devices may need to be employed.

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