Saturday, September 16, 2017

Rain Water, not from the tap

            Indoor plants are not my forte. Most times my solution to an ailing 59 cent plant is to puff up the bagpipes and send it off to the landfill or compost pile; and then go out and buy another 59 cent plant. Why would you put at risk the rest of your indoor garden with whatever’s bugging this investment of two quarters, and a dime?

           OK, maybe with others that cost a little more, I might stand around wringing hands wondering what to do for a little while before I “don the kilt”. But more than likely, in time, they too will be taking that final dirt nap in the landfill or compost pile.

             What I do know is that rain water, not tap water, is the best libation for my indoor greenery.

             For those of us who live in the country and have a well think we have this problem licked, for we don’t have chlorine or fluoride in our water. And we might tend to look down on our city brethren and sisteren, feeling quite superior as they ask us for a jug of our water.

            Well, before you get too snooty, answer me this, do you have a water softener?

            Most well situations have water softeners, for reasons being that they get their water from deep in the ground where it is hard and full of scale building minerals. These need to be removed; and to do that involves salt.

            A salt solution is used to knock the “hardness” off the hardness attracting resin in the water softener. During its recharge cycle this salt solution, with the knocked off hardness, is then flushed out; but unfortunately never completely. You fill your little watering can at the sink, and there is a good chance you’ve got some salt specks hitching a ride to your plant watering destinations.

            The best water to use is freely falling from the sky, and you might want to start gathering it now so you’re not melting snow come this winter.

            You can’t deny what the yard looks like after a gentle rain. There is just something about sipping rain water the plants love. So start saving those milk jugs and go out and gather some of that free crystal clear plant elixir the next time it rains.

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