Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Let's Keep em Going a Little Longer

Well, I guess it was inevitable, high school football scores on the 11:00 news, clouds hanging a little lower in the sky, yellow buses slowing my morning and afternoon commute, and yes, it’s a little nippier in the mornings; sad to say but the feeling of Fall is here. And your plants have little worrisome looks on their petal faces.
They’re wondering, “Does he realize that we’re from “out of town”.
They are hoping you’ve read the plant tags that they, and their buddies, came with; and
saw that they hail from places on this globe that never see the mercury retreat past the number you’ve perpetually claimed as your age.
            They have looked in their closets and have found that they have nothing in “fall wear”. And now look to you to be at least their supplier of fall pajamas.

            Yes, it is time to have those plant covers “at the ready”.
            I’m not saying there’s a threat tonight, but from here on in if you hear Uncle Bill or Cousin George say anything about a “freeze warning”, you just trot yourself out there and “spread the love”.
            You’ve struggled all summer to keep your plants alive; you’ve got the water bill to prove it. Let’s not let Jack Frost bring about their untimely demise just when things are getting easy, and looking so good.

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