Monday, October 19, 2015

Leaf Raking Tip: Keep it Short

            The leaves are going to be dropping. That means you’ll be getting the rake out.

             We love looking at the colorful leaves on the trees; the reds appear first, followed by the oranges, with yellows typically taking up the rear.

            But then they start to drop. But this too looks beautiful… for a while, until you find yourself fighting to appreciate the colorful ground that unfolds as the leaf depth grows with every day.

            And then reality sets in; you have to face facts, somebody’s got to rake them up before they smother the grass; and the Jasper looking back at you in the window reflection is informing you that “it’s you”. Now the beautiful colors of fall just don’t seem so endearing any more. But, before you start grumbling about this impending blister making labor of necessity let me give you a little tip.

            If you keep the grass cut short the leave will have less of a chance getting caught in the lawn. Leaves that don’t get caught have a better chance of blowing into the neighbor’s yard. And if you tell him of this little tip he might cut his lawn short and therefore move them on into his neighbor’s yard.

            This will continue until they reach the guy with the stockade fence. That’s when the beneficiaries of “clear sailing” may have to go over and help the poor unfortunate. At least they are all in one place.

             Tomorrow I will tell you about the wonderful benefits of leaves in your garden; especially your vegetable garden.


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