Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's Not Sad, Just Blue

In any given neighborhood you’ll see them. Tall, majestic, most of them green, some blue; and then there are those that are really blue. I’m speaking of the conifer the Spruce; and you may think these two colors are different species within the family of Spruce. But they’re not; and it is very possible that the seeds that made these two different colored trees came from the same pine cone.
This is one of those times where a fungus is our friend. For what you are seeing in this dazzling display of Silvery blue is in fact, a friendly fungus.
Most of the Spruces successfully ward off this fungal invasion, and therefore are green. But once in a while a nurseryman will see among the tens of thousands of trees he has planted, one that doesn’t have this natural fungus fighting ability.
This little blue tree will catch his eye and he will carefully dig it out and transplant it to where he can keep a better eye on it. If it survives he will grow it up to become the “mother plant” from where he can take cuttings and graph them onto ordinary spruce trunk whips. This is why you will rarely see a blue spruce in the wild, they are that rare.  
            Sometimes you will see a green bough near the bottom of these blue beauties. This is because a branch grew out below the graph where it tapped into the “truck’s” genetic code.

If for some odd reason you don’t want the blue color just spray it with a fungicide and it will turn green; but you will have to do this year after year for it is the natural bent of the tree.

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