Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hummingbirds: They're Packing Up

He’s still perched there as of this morning. He looks a little cold, but he’s still hanging around. I wonder when he’s going to start flying south.
The hummingbirds have to be getting close to leaving; and you may be asking yourself “am I delaying their departure by continually filling the feeder?”

It is true that the hummingbird has a “bird brain”, and as far as bird brains go it has the smallest brain in the bird world. But do not mistake its tiny brain as having limited thought or comprehension; it knows when it has to leave.

Now, its leaving is always rather abrupt. They don’t sit around the watering hole discussing the “whens” and the “wherefores” of their trip. The males aren’t pouring over the Trip Ticks while the females pack. Nope, a single bird will react to the angle of the sun, run it through its little bird brain and say, “gotta go!” It will go down one last time to the high energy libation station and throw back as much posey juice or sugar water as it can hold, and zip, it’s gone. No goodbyes, no “see you at the gulf”, no “have a great trip everybody!” Just Gone! Don’t be looking for “thank you notes”, or “see you next spring” pecked in the dirt either; they will just take off.

I would encourage you to keep the feeders filled since we don’t know when those little bird brains will tell the birds that houses them when it’s time to go. One day you’ll notice they’re not there.

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