Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall Pruning

Pruners will begin to call from within garages and sheds this week. That last bit of botanical coiffure is about take place before everything is put away for the season. There are however, some bushes and shrubs that should be left alone.   
Flowering shrubs and bushes need time to prepare a flower bud, typically three months; and we are not just talking any three month period of time, it needs to be an active growth three month period of time.
So here we are in September, a month away from the beginning of total dormancy for deciduous (leaf dropping) plants. Let’s see, three months minus one month equals two….. not enough time to produce another set of flower buds for those shrubs that bloom in the spring.
Bushes like Forsythia, Lilac, Beauty Bush, Weigela, Mock Orange, Sand Cherry, Flowering Almond, Viburnums, Rhododendrons, all Crab, Pair, Dogwood, and Cherry trees, have set their flower buds months ago; to prune them now would be removing them, which will mean no flowers next spring.
Pruneables now are anything evergreen, and all the late in the season flowerers like Rose of Sharon, Hydrangea, Burning Bush (after the red leaves have fallen off), and Kousa Dogwood. In a few weeks it will also be a good time to prune all the shrubs that have yellow or red leaves. They produce this color because of their exposure to sunlight. Pruning them now gets them ready for next years sun bathing; to prune them in mid season next year is to expose those green leaves that have been sitting under the umbrellas of their sun worshiping counterparts.

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