Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Crabby Yards

            Boy, it’s looking really crabby out there.

            Any patch of ground not growing good lawn grass now has Crab Grass squatting on it. And with this many plants out there, the smorgasbord of seeds is going to be… well let me just say, “There are going to be some fat birds this fall and coming spring”.

                        Crab Grass was not a native to our State. It seems that back in the 30’s when the Kent County Airport was in the area of 36th street and what is now Roger B Chaffy Boulevard, somebody heard of this fantastic grass that was green and lay flat so mowing wasn’t necessary, and it never needed water!
            People went to check out the miracle turf; but were not allowed out on this grass runway to actually look at it up close. Armed only with what they heard and saw at distance, enough bought the seed to create the problem we have today.

            Back to the fat birds. This seed does not digest well; so like winged Johnny Appleseeds they made their “deposits” throughout the land… need I say more?

            There is nothing you can do now; the seed will not germinate this fall anyway, it will lay dormant until spring. In fact the plants you see now will not survive the winter. But I would be ready with the Crabicide this coming spring. For you will want to nip this in the bud pronto. And just a heads up, if the Forsythias bloom before you’ve spread your crabicide you’ve missed your window of opportunity.

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