Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cole Crops: Much Better After a Frost

          Members of the Cole crop family are tough. Plants like Broccoli, Cabbage, and Brussels sprouts can take dips in temperature that would have sent all other plants to the compose pile.

         Where as frosts are deadly to everything else in your garden; a good frosty night begins a possess of releasing sugars throughout the plant, making them sweeter and sweeter with every frost. You have not truly tasted a Brussels sprout until you have tasted one pick after a few good hard frosts. We have actually dug them out of the snow to have with Christmas dinner and they were fantastic.
         Broccoli and cabbage should not go that long, but definitely wait on harvesting those until they have gone through a couple killing frosts. Of Broccoli course I am not talking about the first big head of the summer, that’s been picked long ago. I’m talking about all the side shoots that you’ve been picking since then; keep picking those until the frost does eventually kill the plant.

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