Wednesday, August 23, 2017

White Paper Birch

            Maybe your first encounter with a White Paper Birch tree was because of a little canoe at a Mackinaw Island gift shop. As a kid you thought it was different; everything you’ve ever seen made of wood was brown; this was white, and you had to have it.

            You are older now and you want one of those unique trees in your front yard. You’ve been up to Pentwater and beyond, and admired what seems to grow like weeds everywhere you looked.

            Well I’m sorry, but if you want a White Paper Birch you will have to live up there; they just aren’t making it around here. The Birch Borer is gradually taking them all out around here, and aside from a very expensive yearly insecticide spray program, yours will be numbered among the casualties in time.

            Good news though, there is a tree out there that does come close to the look of a White Birch, and will “scratch that itch” for the rough peeling papery bark look you’re wanting; it’s called a River Birch; and the Birch Borer is leaving this one alone.

            More tan in color, the River Birch does everything the Whites do, but without the bugs. They are sold as single trunked trees, but it seems the multi-trucks are more popular.

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