Saturday, August 8, 2015

Where'd They Go! I think They're Gone!! Nope:(

            With the brief drought we had some people are under the belief that their mole problem has disappeared.
            Yes, moles are dumb animals, but they are not stupid animals. They are not going to hang around in the parched topsoil looking for meals that have gone subterranean a month or two ago. About all that’s left now amongst the grass roots is “worm jerky”, those poor unfortunates that lingered a little too long before realizing it was getting dry.

            Hate to say it but the moles that were tunneling in your yard this spring are still there. Like the Humpbacks who swim thousands of miles for the taste of krill; these dirt swimmers dig down to where the food is.

            So, as the rains return to the land, so the worms will return to the surface again; and that will bring the moles back to within periscope depth as well.

            For more Mole info and how to rid your yard of them click on the You Tube Enhanced Garden Articles tab and read the one on Moles.

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