Friday, August 4, 2017

Where am I, Oz?

            Maybe the drought deep sixed one of your shrubs, and now you would like to replace it. Instinctively you think along the lines of what was there, another green shrub.

            You begin to notice that you’ve got a lot of “green shrubs”. You begin to see for the first time you’ve got a lot of green grass too! Man there’s a lot of green here!!

            Since you’re replacing this dead one anyway what about something with burgundy or yellow leaves?

            With in these anti-green choices you’ve got Burgundy Leaf Sand Cherries, Pygmy or Royal Barberries, Wine n Roses or Java Weigela, and Burgundy leafed Sedums. Trees available in Burgundy are Royalty Crabs and Purple Beech, and Crimson King Maples.

            If your house colors lend themselves to Yellow ascents there are Golden Privets, Golden Barberry, Lemon Mound and Goldmound Spirea, Berckman’s Gold Arborvitae, and Old Gold Juniper. I don’t recall any yellow leafed trees.

             Now keep in mind they become Burgundy or Yellow because of the sunlight. If they are too shaded they remain green; so a sunny location is a must if you wish to throw a different leaf color into your landscaping.

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