Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tree Pruning and the Regrets Thereof

“Look Mommy, I cut my hair”, says the proud three year old.
Fast forward 30 years.
“Look honey, I trimmed up the tree”.
Both receive the same look of shock, horror, and tears…….and a lesson was learned, never do that again.
But now the tree has recovered, and it’s getting harder to mow under it. You’re weavin, and bobbin, duckin and leanin as you make your passes. But the ribbing you took from the neighbors, and the tears that flowed from your wife every time she went to the mailbox last year has left you a little gun shy.
Well, it’s time to face your fears and pick up those pruners once again; but this time let’s slow it down a bit and take a more methodical approach; remember Edward Scissor hands was just a movie, not an “Handyman segment”.
OK, first order of business is to understand the anatomy of a branch. You have “the branch”. From this branch you have littler branches that grow out from it. Some grow up, some grow horizontally, and others grow down. Remove all those that grow down, they have probably been the ones you’ve been wopping you’re head on anyway.
I have found that with the weight of those removed the main branches lift up, and no more pruning is required.
Now step back and look at the whole tree, are there any others that need to be removed?
If you see something, wiggle it first before you cut it off, see what’s there in its totality. Remember, once it’s off there’s no gluing it back on. I guess you could nail it back on and then a few days later say, “Hey look honey a dead branch! I wonder if it had a bug problem”; this my friends is a slippery slope.
The key here is “take your time”. When in doubt leave it, or ask the Mrs. But don’t ask you neighbor, he’s still wiping his eyes over your last hack job.  

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