Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thumbs down onto the Honeydew

            Right now the melons are coming into ripeness.

            In the store you see people milling around the watermelon bins, picking them up to study their underside, making sure it’s yellow and not white. They thump on them. I don’t know why; maybe it’s because their mom did, and her mom before her. Somewhere in time long ago the Queen may have done this…..

            Muskmelons people get a little more personal in their selection. After it has passed the visual test, where the “netting look” of the outside of the melon must be tan and not green, they bring it right up to their nose and give it a good sniff where it attached to the vine. They know it should smell ripe for it to be a good one; too ripe and it might not make it home from the store.

             The one that puzzles people the most thou is the Honeydew Melon. People stand around these bins and look lost. They can’t smell any difference, it all looks the same all the way around, they try thumping it, but only out of desperation. They end up just grabbing one, typically the biggest one.

            But there is a way to guarantee a sweet one.

            First you look for the one with the cream colored skin, pass over anything with white skin. Next, I’m going to tell you something odd. Moisten your thumb and rub the melon with it; a ripe one will squeak; hey, I’m not making this up, check out the You Tube video.

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