Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Bug Zapper; It makes a wonderful Parting Gift

Ziiiiiiit!! Sssssssssit, pop, snnnap!
There it is, that summer sound, bugs in the bug zapper. Bugs flying in from all over to check out the blue light…….. and there in lies its fatal flaw. Well yes, of course to the bugs, but what I really mean is to you and your little place of solace outside.
To have one of these little ghoulish entertainment centers is to in fact lure bugs in from all over. For some their stay is rather momentary, but for others, who see and smell their friends going out in a blaze of glory, will tend to shy away from this luring, yet frightful, display of entomological carnage. Unfortunately they don’t go far; and as their numbers grow, so does your decision to go back indoors.

So what do you do? You too love the mesmerizing blue light; you cheer inwardly as you hear another “pop” or “snap”, thinking to yourself “well that’s one less bug bite on my arm”.
The question you are asking yourself is; “How can I enjoy this entertaining spectacle without entertaining all the bugs from all over?”
I have a suggestion. Invite the neighbors behind you, and to your right and left over some buggie evening and wait for one of the guys to comment on how cool your bug zapper is. The next day you box it up, wrapping it in some nice gift wrap paper (not the Funnies, you have to make this a legitimate looking gift), and bring it over to him. You can say something like, “I saw how much you liked my bug zapper, and I talked it over with the Mrs. and we thought, ‘why not give to you?’
With this one gesture you come off as kind, thoughtful, attentive…… and bug free. Which is why you bought the dumb thing anyway.  

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