Monday, August 17, 2015

My Windshield has been quite clean

What a strange summer this has been; hot, dry, overly clean windshields……

Clean Windshields? Think about it; how much scrubbing have you done with the gas station’s spongy/squeegee while filling up? Very little I’ll bet. Well yes there is that occasional bumble bee flappin to beat the band, trying to get across the highway as you come screaming up (after having just left the carwash of course), and “piff”, his insides are now on the outside of your side of the windshield.
Instinctively you reach for the wiper button, hoping to scrape him off cleanly in one swipe; but no, that just makes it worse; all you’ve manage to do is smear him around. Your only recourse now is to throw some blue bug juice at him. You squirt, it gets worse; you squirt some more, still bad, you try again, hey, some progress! You push it again and again and again…….. and again, and again….. and still one more time. Finally, after a half gallon of the blue stuff, he’s off your windshield, but all down the side of your car. This just makes you furi….. Sorry I’ve digressed again…..

How many mosquitoes have you swatted? Even Flies seem to be at an all time low…..
  must be bugs need to be watered in order to make more bugs.
Just something I’ve noticed; kind of an “up side” to all the possible negatives of
 this summer.

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