Friday, August 21, 2015

Mow it long, or mow it short


            Now that the grass is growing again the great debate rages on about whether your grass should be mowed short or kept long…..

            “Rages on”… nobody’s raging about this. There are no riots in the street with militants on both sides of the issue throwing rocks and bottles at each other demanding their opinion be primary. I’m just borrowing a journalistic grandstander. Your neighbor, I’m sure, couldn’t care less about your grass length decision; at least not yet.

            Come this fall when the leaves are falling you would be wise to keep your grass short. This way the leaves have a greater chance of blowing on through your yard and into your neighbor’s; where they will get snagged on his conviction of keeping the grass longer.

            For now though your neighbor is right. During the heat of the summer a little longer grass helps shade itself from the hot sun, and will therefore do better.
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  1. I put less stress on the lawn to mow in the evening than to mow when the sun is pounding down in the afternoon.Is this good or bad?
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    1. What you are saying makes good sense. Grass does most of its growing at night, moisture comes up out of the ground at night. I have to believe most repairs are made at night.

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